If you find a job on our site that you are suitable for and interested in, click the Apply button and follow the steps. Follow up the application with a call to the consultant looking after the roles. If you cannot find a suitable job ring and ask to speak to a recruitment consultant who specialises in your area of skill.

Our web site of course! The main job boards have the majority of jobs from employers and agencies. Not all companies advertise on job boards so if there are specific companies you are interested in keep an eye on their careers section – setting up a google search and running it regularly is a good idea. Lastly keep an eye out for new job announcements. Companies release press statements when they have major expansion plans.

There are no bad times to change job. The market runs all year but may slow down in the times of holidays (Diwali, Christmas, Easter and summer). During these time it may take longer to schedule interviews or get decisions made due to people’s unavailability.

Yes, we have a number of options for temporary and contract resources such as going on our payroll, working through an umbrella company or through their own limited company. Some clients may specify how they wish the person to be set up but in the majority of cases it is your choice. There are differences and we would be happy to run through your options.

Your CV needs to grab the reader in the first half page or else they may not finish reading it. You need to show that you have the “must have” skills being looked for. If the reader has to go to the last page to see you have what they are looking for they may not make it that far.

Recruiters get many CV from many sources each day and only have the time to get back to those candidates that are the best fit. Your CV needs to clearly show you can do the job applied for and you need to show you are interested by picking up the phone and calling the recruiter to make sure they have not missed your application.