The career progression of a software tester

People who have no software testing experience are usually hired in this role. Before heading off, it is worth noting that there is no fixed hierarchy or ladder in the career of software testing. Your career as a QA tester is not just a job; it’s a continuous journey of improvement, innovation, and impact. Let’s march forward, with the confidence that every step taken is a step towards becoming a more skilled, more knowledgeable, and more successful QA professional. Remember, while you may start with a focus on one area, the QA field is vast and interconnected.

manual testing career growth

However, they also need various soft skills and leadership capabilities, allowing them to support efficient collaboration, negotiate with stakeholders, coach employees, and more. On the QA career path, a QA lead position is typically an entry point into the world of management. These professionals oversee a team of QA professionals, often serving as a liaison between contributors and upper management. In most cases, they report to a QA manager or similar department head, but their positions sit above individual contributors on the team, giving them supervisory responsibilities. This highly technical position focuses not only on testing and test creation but also on finding suitable solutions.

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This role may also be called as Senior QA Engineer in some organizations. Every company has different criteria when it comes to defining a designation. Remember, the path to success in QA testing is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, a proactive approach to embracing new challenges, and a commitment to excellence in every task you undertake. As you apply these strategies, stay curious, stay engaged, and most importantly, stay passionate about the quality you bring to every project.

However, automation and technological revolution has changed the scenario completely. Software testing is seen as a respectful job and people see themselves growing in the field. In this article, we discuss how you can grow in this field and at each step of the career ladder. We discuss the expectations at each level, the roles and responsibilities and how you need to keep updating yourself in terms of knowledge. Remember, relying solely on repetitive automated tests can lead to the “Pesticide Paradox”, where the same tests eventually become ineffective in spotting new issues.

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These soft skills are more than just attributes – we believe they are essential tools in your QA toolkit that, when honed, can significantly elevate your performance and career trajectory. Finally, a grasp of scripting languages like VBScript, JavaScript, C#, or even Shell/Perl scripting can set you apart and open doors to numerous opportunities. Companies value testers who can navigate various tools and scripts, as it directly correlates with more versatile and efficient testing. Software Testing is a process of verifying a computer system/program to decide whether it meets the specified requirements and produces the desired results. As someone new to the field, you have to understand what you are going to be testing.

manual testing career growth

Here’s a look at the software quality assurance career path, including the skills you need, required education and training, and more. Because of this particular reason, they can foresee problems before they come up and advise on the best ways to avoid or mitigate issues altogether. It’s common for senior automation engineers to leave the task of writing the actual tests to automation engineers and developers with less experience. Instead of the senior engineers focusing on writing examinations, they redirect a portion of their time to smoothen the work of the ones who do. Test Architect is the senior position who looks after solutions for problems faced while testing.

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Performing risk assessments and determining how security threats may impact applications or systems are also potentially part of the role. Similarly, documenting test results, providing recommendations to improve security postures, and collaborating with others to address identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities are common duties. When it comes to individual courses, any class that hones relevant skills is worth considering. However, those who provide a certificate of completion may prove especially valuable, as it gives professionals a credential to add to their resumes.

manual testing career growth

To learn how to become an automation tester will require you to understand other developers, QA testers, and clients and view any problem from their perspective to solve challenges. A QA who can empathize and truly understand each client’s values will go a long way to producing a successful end product. Docker is an incredibly popular software application for quality assurance organizations and professionals looking to streamline development.

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Don’t limit yourself – explore various niches and combine them to create a unique skill set that sets you apart. Whether you lean towards the technical side or aim for management, specialize in areas that ignite your passion and curiosity. Each of these tools brings something unique to the table, and it’s worth spending time to understand which one aligns best with your project’s needs. Remember, the right tools can significantly boost your productivity and the overall quality of your work.

Additionally, reviewing each QA career growth path available helps professionals steer their development. In turn, they can make sure that they have what’s necessary to secure the jobs they’d enjoy most, ensuring their professional life is enjoyable. As you advance down the software QA career path, specific certifications and courses relating to the field are typically valuable. They help prove a professional’s expertise in the niche or help them enhance their knowledge in a relevant area.

It comes with containerization features that enable teams to use an image on different platforms without necessarily adjusting a lot with the operating system (OS). Because containers are reproducible and reusable, Docker is also a great choice for destructive testing. From these qa manual course statistics combined, the industry paints a rosy picture for you and anyone considering going down the test automation engineer career path. From there, you would need to earn credentials and cultivate relevant skills that will help you start your career as a QA automation tester.

  • Instead, they focus on creating test frameworks and internal tools that other engineers will use.
  • Running test cases, generating reports, assigning bugs, and giving bugs priority are all part of the phase.
  • By specializing, QA professionals can focus on areas of interest to a greater degree, which can make the work more engaging.
  • In this article, we’ll discuss the general paths followed by Moolya, one of the leading companies in the software testing industry.

They ensure professionals have the right mindset to perform in the role. Because of this, there is no single career path for automation testers that you can take to break into the field. However, a good starting point is acquiring a strong understanding of the role of a QA automation tester in software development and user experience. The scope of software testers is increasing every day and the newer evolvement of IoT, AI, etc. have started making a significant impact on the software testing industry. As per a recent report, the testing market is ready to touch a USD $50 Billion market cap by the end of 2026 at a CAGR of approx 19% during the forecast period. Typically, junior testers use both manual and automated testing methods to evaluate software, following set procedures put in place by their employer, lead, or manager.

Along with handling the duties of QA analysts, these professionals often assist with technical risk evaluations prior to development beginning as well as after development is underway. By understanding a typical promotion path, professionals can plan for the journey that lies ahead. Another option for a career in quality assurance is to specialize in security testing.

manual testing career growth

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